June Plum

Brought to Jamaica in 1872, the June Plum aka Amberella or Hog Plum is tangy and can be eaten unripe. The flesh is firm and surrounds a seed that is somewhat spiky. The ripe fruit are juicy orange-yellow, with a sweet and sour combo that is amazing to smell and taste

Mamey Sapote

Mamey sapote has a thick brown sandpaper feel with an orangey red flesh. Mamey is only edible when fully ripe and is a complex sweet and savoury flavour, containing subtle notes of vanilla, nutmeg, apricots and potato nuances


Mangoes are one of Jamaica’s favourite fruits with the Julie and Easy Indian varieties being most popular. Julie mangoes are super juicy, with a small stone and tend to have less fibre than the East Indian variety. The East Indian mango has a richer flavour


Naseberry is a favourite snack in Jamaica for its sweet taste that brings to mind cinnamon and its pleasant aroma. Ripe fruit softens, and you simply break it open with your fingers to reveal a light brown to rust-coloured flesh with shiny black seeds – its very sweet!


Noni trees grow to approximately 10 ft. in height and produces green berries that ripen to a creamy yellow. The juice is bitter, but palatable when mixed with honey, and noni juice is sold as a weight loss product in Jamaica


A unique cross between an orange and a tangerine, the fruit has a glossy appearance and turns bright yellow-orange when ripe. It features 10 to 12 segments of juicy, orange flesh with a rich and distinctive flavour


The soursop is closely related to the sweetsop although, as the name suggests, the fruit has a more sour taste. The green skin is covered with large blunt spikes and inside the white flesh has a soft, creamy texture with pineapple nuances

Star Apple

Star Apples are round and often referred to as ‘Matrimony’ by Jamaicans. The fruit gets its name from the characteristic star design seen when it is cut in half crosswise. The fruit is found mostly in the countryside areas and is more popular during the summer months


Brought to Jamaica by the Spanish, Sweetsops enjoy a rich, sweet taste of custard. When the sweet sop is ripe its skin remains green, but the fruit becomes soft and is easily split open. The fruit has a grainy texture, similar to a cross between mashed banana and a pear