Black Yam

Black Yams have a dark brown or black skin; it is whitish in inside with a hard texture. Related to the white yam its very tasty and used by many cultures especially in the West Indies


Dasheen is a tall growing tropical plant that resembles the ornamental elephant ear plant. The corm is rich in carbohydrates and is mainly eaten boiled. The young shoots and leaves are also used as a vegetable


Ginger is grown for its aromatic flavour and is an underground rhizome. Above ground the plant is a bamboo-like shrub but with softer leaves and stem

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are tubers with a smooth or irregular ribbed skin and its flesh may range from pure white through cream, yellow, orange, pink to a very deep purple depending upon the amount of carotenoid pigments present


A cousin of ginger, Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant properties and is currently identified a key development crop in Jamaica

Yellow Yam

Yellow yams are tropical root vegetables traditionally consumed with Jamaican or Caribbean meals. Yellow yams are similar to sweet potatoes whilst are much larger and being a bit starchier